Month: July 2015

Tips for Disneyland Paris

I know I haven’t posted for a few days, but I used my time in Frankfurt to finish the second draft of my Rhetoric and Composition rationale, as well as writing the initial draft of my dissertation proposal.Yes, that’s correct. I wrote the first, ugly, just-testing-this-out draft of my dissertation proposal. It’s about 8 pages long, and I feel like the worst-hard-part is over. … Read More Tips for Disneyland Paris

First Look: When I Saw Heidelberg Post

I thought you all might like to see what I saw when I first walked up to the post in Heidelberg. I have more thoughts about the experience, but will write them out a bit later. For now, enjoy the video!

And then I Returned – Nachrichten Kaserne

Ever since I found out that I was not born in the U.S., I have always wanted to visit the town where I was born: Heidelberg, Germany. Today, that dream came true. Even though I could not walk around inside the block, I could see most of it from the gate. It looked just like Fort Leonardwood, or the gate and what buildings I could see. … Read More And then I Returned – Nachrichten Kaserne

Thoughts When I Made it to Heidelberg

I walked off the train and there it was “Heidelberg Hbf.” I was seeing the words in person. I am in Heidelberg. It’s been over 20 years since I was last here, and I cannot wait to explore. But there was something else going on for me. There’s a couple of picture frames in my parents’ house in Springfield. They have ~12 photos, and there’s one for Keith … Read More Thoughts When I Made it to Heidelberg

Living the "Posh Life" in Prague

What. A. Weekend.I arrived in Prague after a 4 hour train ride during which I almost melted because the lady in my train car didn’t want the window open (should have moved). The flat I stayed in was owned by a woman named Veronika, and she was incredible nice and helpful. Her building was built in 1900 and in the nicest apartment neighborhood in Prague. … Read More Living the "Posh Life" in Prague


I just wanted to shout out to everyone who’s been checking out my blog! It hit 2,000 views while I was in Prague getting no sleep and seeing everything in the city! Thank you to everyone who keeps checking in to hear more about my European adventures. Another post about Prague is coming later today! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

People of Prague: Re-Arrange "Street Furniture" & Share Priceless Moments

This will be short because it’s 1am here in Prague, but I want to write about the lovely evening I just had. I am staying via Airbnb in a flat in Prague that’s part of a building which was built around 1900. The architecture is stunning, and Veronika, the owner, is refurbishing the floors (the kitchen is already done!). When I returned from dinner … Read More People of Prague: Re-Arrange "Street Furniture" & Share Priceless Moments

Work, Eat, Play, Repeat: An interview, a biergarten, and an organ concert

Today was a wonderful day. I started off by packing my lunch and going to the university to do some work at the library. After running back to the dormitory to familiarize myself with my equipment and double check everything, it was time to catch the bus. I had an interview scheduled with a woman named Lena at 4pm. We met at TaraCafe, a … Read More Work, Eat, Play, Repeat: An interview, a biergarten, and an organ concert

Funny Snapshots – Awkwardness Goes Global

– So I was at the bus stop a couple of days ago and trying to get the wifi to work on my phone (no luck). Two guys sit down next to me on the bench, and I start explaining to them in German that my phone wasn’t working, and whether they could help me. They smile at me and one of them says, … Read More Funny Snapshots – Awkwardness Goes Global

How the Internet Works on Campus in 47 Steps or Less

So here’s the basic rundown, step-by-step: Step 1: arrive in Germany, wonderful colleague meets you at the bus station with your dorm keys, travel to dorm and decide to sort out internet accessStep 2: arrive at the IT office to find out everyone left after lunch (they close at 1pm?)Step 3: go to the bibliothek information desk (library), and ask the nice lady how … Read More How the Internet Works on Campus in 47 Steps or Less

You Can’t Prove What You Don’t Try: Scaling Balconies

I am sitting at Cafe Lila in the city center of Regensburg, listening to jazz music pouring in from the music festival while I write this post.  Yesterday presented another set of challenges when I arrived in Regensburg. The international office did not have staff to meet me, so the other researcher came to the bus station with my dorm keys (thank you, Chris!). … Read More You Can’t Prove What You Don’t Try: Scaling Balconies

People-Watching Solidarity at Augustiner Bräu

I have decided that my “tax” for going to the beer hall is to be rained upon. Since arriving in Salzburg, Austria on Tuesday, I have experienced the hottest day on record, and “stringy” rain. I say “stringy” because I noticed while walking in the rain that it doesn’t fall in droplets – it falls in longer strands. Apparently, Austria is known for this. I went … Read More People-Watching Solidarity at Augustiner Bräu