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I have experience speaking in front of groups large and small on topics ranging from effective time management strategies, to empowerment, to women in the workforce.

As an international scholar and thespian, I bring a candid and diverse approach that promotes engagement and strategic change on the part of individuals and organizations.

If you need a speaker for your next event or would like me to speak with your school or extracurricular group, contact me to schedule a presentation.

Grant Writing

Are you a non-profit organization searching for funding?

Do you have an engaged board and a wonderful idea, but lack staffing capacity for fundraising or development?

I can help your organization apply for local, state, and national grant opportunities! Grant writing can be a long process, but I have experience with grant databases and application processes, as well as grant administration and compliance.

If you want to learn more about how I can help your organization grow and develop through leveraging grant opportunities, contact me to schedule a consultation!

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With the ideas I am currently sharing, I would love more people to comment, collaborate, hop on a call/Zoom so we can talk about how to truly transform our work and industry.”

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