Thoughts When I Made it to Heidelberg

I walked off the train and there it was “Heidelberg Hbf.” I was seeing the words in person. 

I am in Heidelberg. 

It’s been over 20 years since I was last here, and I cannot wait to explore. 

But there was something else going on for me. 

There’s a couple of picture frames in my parents’ house in Springfield. They have ~12 photos, and there’s one for Keith and one for me. One of the photos is of me holding Pooh Bear and grinning from ear to ear; I’m about 2 years old. 

As I was walking through the train station, I felt like that little girl. I was holding Pooh Bear, looking out at the beauty of Heidelberg. Of course, he was in my backpack – where he’s been traveling since I left the States for this trip. 

This part of the trip is so important to me. I’ve waited my whole life to come here, to visit, to walk on the streets like I saw in the few pictures my parents have of when I was here. 

I’m not even sure I’m making sense, right now. I’m super tired, but all I can think about is that picture of me with Pooh Bear, the little girl grinning, and how glad I am to be here in Heidelberg. I have 48 hours to see everything I can, to take in this wonderful experience and opportunity to see where I was born. 

Oh, and my best friend gets to share it with me starting tomorrow. 🙂

But first, rest. It’s time to dream of the adventures I will have tomorrow. 

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