Tips for Disneyland Paris

I know I haven’t posted for a few days, but I used my time in Frankfurt to finish the second draft of my Rhetoric and Composition rationale, as well as writing the initial draft of my dissertation proposal.

Yes, that’s correct. I wrote the first, ugly, just-testing-this-out draft of my dissertation proposal. It’s about 8 pages long, and I feel like the worst-hard-part is over. Something is on paper. It exists. Now I have something to work with. Phew. 

At any rate, working on those two key pieces of work took most of time while I was in Frankfurt and I did not do much sightseeing. 



I arrived around 9pm on Wednesday evening, and spent all day yesterday at Disneyland Paris! It was an exciting day, but I thought a few tips about getting around the park. 

– If you only have one day, I suggest only going to the Main Park; Disney Studios mainly has rides that are copies of the ones in Orlando. You can do both in a day, but you will be exhausted and rushing around all day, especially if you’re traveling with a family. I spent all day there yesterday, and got to ride each attraction once. The rest of my time was spent walking around and taking photos, doing the walk-through attractions, and spending some time in the Disney Village.
– The brochure and other information will tell you that “Single Rider” is an option. The only attraction in the Main Park that has it is Space Mountain 2. Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. only have the general lines and Fast Pass. This may be different for Disney Studios, but I doubt it. 
– Choose your FastPass wisely. You are only allowed ONE FastPass per ticket, and you cannot have another until about 20 minutes before your first one takes effect. 
– Speaking of tickets, purchase them in advance. They are more expensive at the door. You can print them at home for free! Oh, and your ticket lets you in and out of the park as many times as you want throughout the day. 
For some reason, online it says that food is not allowed. It is. As long as you’re not bringing a picnic basket, they really don’t mind. I saw people with lunchboxes, water bottles (I brought my own – thanks Christie!), packages of cookies, sandwiches, etc. 
– They will check your bag, but it’s no big deal. the “random checks” just put people’s bags through a metal detector. 
– The Disney Village doesn’t require a ticket. It’s where the hotels are on the premises, and there are several shops and restaurants. There’s even a Starbucks! 
– PRO TIP: If you want to meet the princesses, BOOK A RESERVATION EARLY. You can do this at guest services just inside the Front Gate. Not all princesses make an appearance at the Meet & Greet; you get to see whoever is there that day. 
– PRO TIP, PART 2: The characters do NOT walk around the park like they do in Orlando. The only way to meet a character is to be at the Meet & Greet queue on the square in Main Street U.S.A. or to visit Mickey at his own Meet & Greet spot in Fantasyland. The only characters I met the whole day were the Mad Hatter and Alice. 

I was also disappointed to learn that Belle was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND IN THE PARK. She’s my favorite princess, and she was not even included in the Parade. I was quite sad – she’s from the princess movie that is definitively set in France! 
– If you’re not on a meal plan, sit down service is not worth the price or the wait. Especially if you only have a day, go to one of the other food options, order, and sit down at your leisure to enjoy your meal. Most meals at these locations will be ~9€.

Finally, here are some highlights of my day in Disneyland! 
The castle at Disneyland Paris is Princess Aurora’s (Sleeping Beauty)
Space Mountain 2: The sequel to my mom’s favorite ride in Orlando; I rode this one FIRST
 Can you see how excited I was to be in a theme park? 
Adventureland? We’ll see…. 

And who did I find? Carl and Russell from Up! (this was pretty much the only place that featured Up in the entire park)
People thought I was “mad as a hatter” for visiting by myself.

Frozen: Sing Along Edition

I have never seen so many children excited to sing Disney songs in one place! 

A view of Fantasyland from Aurora’s castle!

Dinner at Planet Hollywood, just like the first time I went to Disney World in Orlando!

Oh, and a new friend for Pooh Bear and Tigger at home! (I’m working on getting the whole collection of the crew from the Hundred Acre Wood)

Waiting at dusk for the Disney Dreams show was so picturesque. 

The sun was down, the moon was out, and it was time for the show!

Watching “I See the Light” from Tangled along with many other Disney favorites in this light, fire, and holographic show was the highlight of the day, and a perfect way to end my time at Disney Land Paris. It happens at 11pm during high season, but it’s definitely worth staying for! 

And today…. I’m seeing the sights of Paris with my friend, Patrick! Updates and photos tomorrow of my journeys across the city! ❤

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