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The Past Five Years

If you get the Broadway reference in the title – you win! (the satisfaction of knowing that you are probably as big of a theater nerd as I am) Last month was the five year anniversary of receiving my Ph.D. from the University of Kansas, and I realized it’s been almost 10 years since receiving my Master’s degree. Completing my Ph.D. program was no … Read More The Past Five Years


Ph.D. to Private Sector Series: Ideas on Corporate Culture

I wanted to share a recent phone call I had with a colleague from my days at KU. He reached out last week asking if I wanted to do a virtual happy hour to talk about my experience in the private sector, specifically tips for finding work and how I navigate being an anti-racist in corporate spaces. He has a professional career coach and … Read More Ph.D. to Private Sector Series: Ideas on Corporate Culture


Random Acts of Pastry

The holidays this year are already shaping up to be different than almost any I have experienced (with the exception of the year I spent living in South Korea). This is the first year my husband and I will be spending the holidays together at our home, at least for Thanksgiving. Our families live near enough that we could drive to see our parents, … Read More Random Acts of Pastry


Refocus. Recharge. Re-brand.

I think I went over a year without writing anything in this space. If you’re new here, welcome. If you have been here before, welcome back. Over the past year, I got married, accepted a new job, entered a new decade of my life, and like the rest of the world, ended up locked in my apartment for several months (and counting…). I read … Read More Refocus. Recharge. Re-brand.


When Progress Isn’t Pretty

I know, the photo is blurry. But it was taken while my best friend was laughing uncontrollably in a quiet coffee shop near my apartment just over one year ago. Chelsea and I met almost every week for a year to work on our dissertation projects and other graduate school work (I was enrolled in 10 credit hours my final semester of the Ph.D. … Read More When Progress Isn’t Pretty


Because I Am a First-Gen

What the heck is a first-gen??? That was the first thought that went through my mind as I sat in the office of the Director of Graduate Studies for my department.


Tracing My Steps

  While everyone is figuring out creative ways to engage in timeless holiday traditions, I am already pondering new opportunities. As I bake cookies and pie with my mom, two-stepping to holiday music around the kitchen, I am simultaneously thinking about how far I have come this year, and how many more opportunities are still left to find and take.

What it Takes to Get Here: The Plane Ride Saga of 2016

We all have those hilarious travel stories – you know, the ones that are a pain to deal with when you’re in the middle of it but become some hilarious anecdote about why no one likes airlines and airports and why we always need “a vacation to recuperate from the vacation.” The chain of events: January 1: Arrive at airport to check in for … Read More What it Takes to Get Here: The Plane Ride Saga of 2016

First Update from Senegal!

I MADE IT. I MADE IT. I MADE IT. Just the journey to Dakar was full of ups, downs, and diagonals. I will provide additional details about the travel snafu’s in my next post, but it’s important for me to take the time to acknowledge all of the hard work other people have done to make sure this research trip happens. Today’s awesome person: … Read More First Update from Senegal!

Midnights in Paris: An American in Paris

They say you cannot do everything in a day, but I certainly tried. My last day in Paris was full of adventure, and I made sure to cross everything off of my “to-do” list for sightseeing in the city. My first stop of the day was the Harry Potter Exhibition in Northern Paris. Some memorabilia from the films is on a world tour, and … Read More Midnights in Paris: An American in Paris

Checking in from Barcelona

I am recognizing that writing a blog post every day is difficult to maintain. I have also decided that I will continue writing about my experiences in Europe when I return to the U.S. Keeping busy with sightseeing and eating and drinking has taken up my writing time, so I will have to extend the time I spend writing about each city. This means … Read More Checking in from Barcelona

Midnights in Paris: Pretty in Paris

These past few days have been absolutely exhausting, but I’ve made some amazing memories in Paris with one more full day to go before traveling to Geneva. Since arriving in Paris on Wednesday evening, I have arrived back at Nico’s flat well after midnight due to my adventures. After a wonderful day in Disneyland, I wasn’t sure what other excitement Paris would hold for … Read More Midnights in Paris: Pretty in Paris