First Update from Senegal!


Just the journey to Dakar was full of ups, downs, and diagonals. I will provide additional details about the travel snafu’s in my next post, but it’s important for me to take the time to acknowledge all of the hard work other people have done to make sure this research trip happens.

Today’s awesome person: the landlady. She not only covered the cost of dinner, but also had the internet guy come to the flat tonight and fix the internet as soon as I told her it was not working. Soooo… this blog post brought to you by: the internet my landlady made sure was here for me like she promised. It is also an internet connection that will take over an hour to upload the video I recorded for all of you, so check back tomorrow morning for an updated post with the video in it!

UPDATE: Here’s the video!

My goal for this trip is to use photos, video, and text to tell the story of my journey in Dakar and Berlin. If you have questions or want to know more about my experience, just comment below! I would love to discuss topics about my travels that interest you as a reader.

I am thrilled to be in Dakar, and excited to see what the next month has in store.

Bonne nuit!

6 Comments on “First Update from Senegal!

  1. Thank you, Shawna! I'm so glad you're following/reading my blog. The experience has been eye-opening, for sure! I have been journaling throughout, though I'm sure the plane ride to Berlin will be a time of reflection about the month I spent here.


  2. The women here are incredibly fashionable! (The men are, too.) They wear so many prints and bright colors – it's a beautiful sight when I walk to work every day.


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