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A Change of Plans and a Day at the Beach: l’île de N’gor

I had planned for Saturday to be the day I went to the fabric market to purchase the fabric I would have made into clothes while I stay in Dakar. But when I woke to a text message from Brenda asking if I wanted to join her, Larson, Janis, and Ben for a day on the beach, I quickly changed my mind and responded … Read More A Change of Plans and a Day at the Beach: l’île de N’gor

A Video for Friday: A few thoughts on Dakar

This took overnight to upload, but I hope you all enjoy! 

Not-So-Casual Friday

Fridays in Senegal are Mosque Day. I did not realize this until I left my flat and almost every woman in the neighborhood and on my walk to WARC was wearing traditional dresses in one of several fashions. Sooo… it’s more like “Formal Fridays.” I know this because I asked my translator when I met him this morning. Some other items of note:— I … Read More Not-So-Casual Friday

Welcome to Dakar!

This morning, I realized that I hadn’t posted any pictures of Dakar, or talked about my first impressions since arriving 2 days ago. I’m also having some issues with Blogger and the uploading function, so the pictures might have to wait. Oh well. Onward! One of the first things I noticed when I arrive to Dakar was the GIANT statue in the center of … Read More Welcome to Dakar!

Walk-Through of the Dakar Apartment!

For those of you who are curious about where I’m living this month, check out this video! I also have to correct myself: My host/landlady’s name is Marijane (Mah-ree-jahn) – not Marianjae as I said in the video. Later, I will post about my first full day in Dakar, WARC, and my experiences setting up interviews for the project.