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Ngone laa tudd – My name is Ngone

Yaay gave me the name “Ngone,” which she says means ‘kindness’ in Wolof. Each person who stays with her family as a homestay receives a Senegalese name from her, and she adds them into her phone. I am now a contact in yaay’s mobile as “Amerig Ngone” – the American Ngone. Today, I went to L’ile Ngor with Emily, Sierra, Jessica, and Avey. Emily … Read More Ngone laa tudd – My name is Ngone

Celebrating my birthday in Dakar

I decided to spend my birthday on the beach instead of working on Friday. It was a great decision! So… here are some pictures of my birthday island adventure and wine/snacks at the French Institute the following afternoon! Showed up to the boat-launching beach wearing this lovely birthday present from Brenda. Saw some interesting architecture on the island… These are the “unfinished” structures that … Read More Celebrating my birthday in Dakar

A Change of Plans and a Day at the Beach: l’île de N’gor

I had planned for Saturday to be the day I went to the fabric market to purchase the fabric I would have made into clothes while I stay in Dakar. But when I woke to a text message from Brenda asking if I wanted to join her, Larson, Janis, and Ben for a day on the beach, I quickly changed my mind and responded … Read More A Change of Plans and a Day at the Beach: l’île de N’gor