My Weekend in Athens

This is going to be a picture-heavy post, because what I did in Athens is fairly self-explanatory. Being in Athens in the winter is not too bad, but I would suggest going in the spring or summer, taking a few extra days, and visiting the islands. The city center of Athens is beautiful, there are plenty of things to see, but if you really want to relax you should spend your time on the islands.

The city is quite loud and has a lot of graffiti, and of course, there were protests at the Parliament due to the World Bank, IMF, “structural adjustment,” and corruption in the government.

At any rate, here are some photos of the food and sights I experienced over the weekend.

Bakaliarakia o Damigos – this place has been around since the 1860’s

This is the signature dish – fried codfish
I also ordered grape leaves as an appetizer – delicious
They also gave me dessert!
Savvas – great lunch or dinner spot, with an amazing view of the Acropolis
A for Athens – drink spot; great for coffee or other beverages and another great view! (You can also go to 360, which is directly across from the building for A for Athens. All you need to do is find the signs that say where the elevators to get up to the rooftop.)
Around Town

I don’t remember the name of this shop, but it’s a cake and coffee place with a super interesting interior. I think it’s in between Monistiraki and Psirri. I was wondering around looking for dinner when I found it, so I ate a cupcake for dinner. The drink is Cappuccino Fredo, an Athenian coffee invention. Delicious!
This is another great drink spot, Brettos, which is popular with just about everyone. It’s been around for over 100 years, and they make their own Ouzo. 
Ready for an audience! 
A panoramic view of the city
One last tip, the Acropolis closes early on the weekends in the winter, so go early! I tried to get a ticket around 2pm on Saturday, and the ticket station and entrance were closed. 

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