Month: February 2016

Let’s Chat about the Food – What I Ordered

And by that I mean here are a LOT of pictures of the food I’ve ordered, made, and eaten during my time in Germany. There is SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS to go around – it’s one of the reasons I love being here. First meal in Berlin was at Ferdinand 34 in my new neighborhood (the website is only in German). Of course, I ordered schnitzel and … Read More Let’s Chat about the Food – What I Ordered

My Weekend in Athens

This is going to be a picture-heavy post, because what I did in Athens is fairly self-explanatory. Being in Athens in the winter is not too bad, but I would suggest going in the spring or summer, taking a few extra days, and visiting the islands. The city center of Athens is beautiful, there are plenty of things to see, but if you really … Read More My Weekend in Athens

Go to the Markt, Learn a Language

Here are some of my musings about my German speaking/listening/understanding abilities and being at the market today in my neighborhood. An unexpected experience, but quite rewarding. This neighborhood is great. Also, my thoughts are kind of scattered, but I like discussing things as I experience them rather than carefully constructing what I want to say about my travels and what I learn.

Don’t Panic: It’s just a pickpocket

I decided to visit Museum Island the other day (see this post for details about the museums), and before I got to the first one I had more adventure than I bargained for. Everyone always give you tips about how to avoid being pickpocketed in big cities, and how important it is to be self-aware, etc. I have traveled to 15 countries without much incident over … Read More Don’t Panic: It’s just a pickpocket

Sights & Museums in Berlin: Some Must-See Options

Brandenburg Tor (Brandenburg Gate)The U.S. Embassy is near the Gate, and a few others. I went here first, because my parents were in Germany when the Wall came down. There were some people protesting in a tent in front of one of the embassies, but there was not much going on in the area otherwise. Because I came in winter, there were almost no … Read More Sights & Museums in Berlin: Some Must-See Options

Travel Tips for First-timers in Berlin

Berlin is massive, and can be overwhelming if it’s your first time here. I speak German enough to get around, and it’s been difficult to decide what to do, how much to do, etc. My first piece of advice for people coming to Berlin for the first time: get a Berlin Welcome Card and Museum Pass! Breakdown: Berlin Welcome Card  – You can purchase … Read More Travel Tips for First-timers in Berlin

Flying Out of Dakar – A Pro Tip & A Funny Story

Like almost every day in Dakar, the day I flew out was also very interesting. The security at the airport is a little odd, since the airport is so small. You have to go through the Border Control, and then the normal scanners for your luggage. I had a re-useable water bottle and it was full, so they made me drink it before letting … Read More Flying Out of Dakar – A Pro Tip & A Funny Story

Made it to Berlin!