Month: January 2016

Walk-Through of the Dakar Apartment!

For those of you who are curious about where I’m living this month, check out this video! I also have to correct myself: My host/landlady’s name is Marijane (Mah-ree-jahn) – not Marianjae as I said in the video. Later, I will post about my first full day in Dakar, WARC, and my experiences setting up interviews for the project.

What it Takes to Get Here: The Plane Ride Saga of 2016

We all have those hilarious travel stories – you know, the ones that are a pain to deal with when you’re in the middle of it but become some hilarious anecdote about why no one likes airlines and airports and why we always need “a vacation to recuperate from the vacation.” The chain of events: January 1: Arrive at airport to check in for … Read More What it Takes to Get Here: The Plane Ride Saga of 2016

First Update from Senegal!

I MADE IT. I MADE IT. I MADE IT. Just the journey to Dakar was full of ups, downs, and diagonals. I will provide additional details about the travel snafu’s in my next post, but it’s important for me to take the time to acknowledge all of the hard work other people have done to make sure this research trip happens. Today’s awesome person: … Read More First Update from Senegal!