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Samay Xarit – Making New Friends in Dakar

Ngone is the Senegalese name yaay gave to me yesterday morning. She added my phone number to her mobile so we can reach each other if I need something.Yesterday, I spent a great deal of time at the Baobab Center becoming acquainted with the staff and meeting several students from different study abroad programs. There are several women here from Lawrence University in Appleton, … Read More Samay Xarit – Making New Friends in Dakar

Ngone laa tudd – My name is Ngone

Yaay gave me the name “Ngone,” which she says means ‘kindness’ in Wolof. Each person who stays with her family as a homestay receives a Senegalese name from her, and she adds them into her phone. I am now a contact in yaay’s mobile as “Amerig Ngone” – the American Ngone. Today, I went to L’ile Ngor with Emily, Sierra, Jessica, and Avey. Emily … Read More Ngone laa tudd – My name is Ngone

Ree ci Agg – Laughter on Arrival

I made it to Dakar, and today I am at the Baobab Center acclimating to my new environment. Even though I have been in Dakar before, yesterday was full of its own adventures. (I need to point out that I cannot use the special character necessary for some Wolof words I will be using this summer. Some of my translations will be approximations to … Read More Ree ci Agg – Laughter on Arrival

Waving Through a Window

While flying out of Kansas City, the song “Waving Through a Window” from the musical, Dear Evan Hansen played on my Spotify (link to a live performance here). That song was so fitting for the moment, because I was looking out the window of the plane, thinking of what will come from this next adventure of mine. It’s my third trip to the African … Read More Waving Through a Window

Go to the Markt, Learn a Language

Here are some of my musings about my German speaking/listening/understanding abilities and being at the market today in my neighborhood. An unexpected experience, but quite rewarding. This neighborhood is great. Also, my thoughts are kind of scattered, but I like discussing things as I experience them rather than carefully constructing what I want to say about my travels and what I learn.