"Let’s meet at Mickey!" – How We Get Around

Coming to Senegal with other people has provided a lot of opportunities. I am no longer navigating on my own, walking on my own, figuring things out myself.

Emily and Sierra both live in my neighborhood in Dakar this year; we all live in the Mermoz neighborhood, just past Sicap Karak, where I lived last year in Dakar. The Mermoz neighborhood is about a 10 minute walk from the Baobab Center.

Basically, the layout is Mermoz –> Sicap Karak –> Baobab Center.

I recognize several landmarks from the Sicap Karak neighborhood, which has made it easier to navigate my way through the neighborhoods between the language center and my homestay. I was nice to walk through Sicap Karak and see buildings I recognized.

When Sierra, Emily, and I want to meet to walk to our houses or the language center, we “meet at Mickey” which is the mural below:

This mural is situated behind a bacci ball court next to the high school in front of the street to my house. I meet Emily and Sierra here so we can walk to class together and figure out our plans for the day. We say, “Let’s meet at Mickey.” 

The place we have been using the internet and hanging out with other expat/students in the area is

“le Mermoz,” a local bar with a coffeehouse vibe. There are lots of couches, free wifi, pool tables, and food. Many of the students from several study abroad programs through the Baobab Center and WARC congregate here to complete homework, practice language skills, and network with other students. This spot is about a block from my house, and is a great place to decompress from the hustle and bustle of Dakar. The barkeep, Maxime, is a great person.

The next few posts will focus on my trip to the Monument in Dakar, HLM, and my first language classes at the Baobab Center. 

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