Month: August 2015

Midnights in Paris: An American in Paris

They say you cannot do everything in a day, but I certainly tried. My last day in Paris was full of adventure, and I made sure to cross everything off of my “to-do” list for sightseeing in the city. My first stop of the day was the Harry Potter Exhibition in Northern Paris. Some memorabilia from the films is on a world tour, and … Read More Midnights in Paris: An American in Paris

Checking in from Barcelona

I am recognizing that writing a blog post every day is difficult to maintain. I have also decided that I will continue writing about my experiences in Europe when I return to the U.S. Keeping busy with sightseeing and eating and drinking has taken up my writing time, so I will have to extend the time I spend writing about each city. This means … Read More Checking in from Barcelona

Midnights in Paris: Pretty in Paris

These past few days have been absolutely exhausting, but I’ve made some amazing memories in Paris with one more full day to go before traveling to Geneva. Since arriving in Paris on Wednesday evening, I have arrived back at Nico’s flat well after midnight due to my adventures. After a wonderful day in Disneyland, I wasn’t sure what other excitement Paris would hold for … Read More Midnights in Paris: Pretty in Paris