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Welcome to Dakar!

This morning, I realized that I hadn’t posted any pictures of Dakar, or talked about my first impressions since arriving 2 days ago. I’m also having some issues with Blogger and the uploading function, so the pictures might have to wait. Oh well. Onward! One of the first things I noticed when I arrive to Dakar was the GIANT statue in the center of … Read More Welcome to Dakar!

Walk-Through of the Dakar Apartment!

For those of you who are curious about where I’m living this month, check out this video! I also have to correct myself: My host/landlady’s name is Marijane (Mah-ree-jahn) – not Marianjae as I said in the video. Later, I will post about my first full day in Dakar, WARC, and my experiences setting up interviews for the project.